40 years of innovations and best solutions in heating technology

With 40 years of tradition, our company, Stroj - energijska tehnika d.o.o., from Dvorska vas near Radovljica, Slovenia, operates on the principle of utilising renewable energy, and is considered a promoter of solar energy.

The company was founded in 1978 by Franc Stroj. The beginnings of our development date back to his early teenage years. Even as a primary school student, he had a passion for innovation, and searched unusual solutions, particularly in the areas of water, electricity and heat. 

Since its very beginnings, our company boasts a strong R&D activity, demonstrated by numerous patents and innovations. The production line of our company, Stroj - energijska tehnika d.o.o., is based on manufacturing entire heating systems. We are especially proud of our production of solar collectors (SEC), heat pumps, and combination boilers compatible with solar energy, gaseous fuels, oil, and biomass. Stroj heating system strives to save energy, and significantly contributes to lower costs of energy consumption, and consequently, a cleaner environment.

Our company, Stroj - energijska tehnika d.o.o., is always looking for new improvements that deliver innovative solutions for individual features of each project and constantly upgrade methodological and technological processes. All elements of the heating system are reliable and provide flawless performance, which is confirmed by their long service life.

Thousands of small and large heating systems testify to the quality and trust that the users and experts grant this company with a long tradition.

Annually, we install approximately 700 SEC, which amounts to 140,000 kWh, and connects them to various heating systems.

Our effective production and installation team provide high quality products, professional installation, regular maintenance, and a customer service that is always available for any questions you may have.

Within the facilities of our institute, which operates within the Slovenian Research Agency, under no. 2539, date: 7 March 2007, we test and design new products, which enable efficient use of renewable energy resources.


Creating new innovations and patents through continuous investments in research and development.

Our company, Stroj - energijska tehnika d.o.o., is always looking for new improvements that deliver innovative solutions for individual features of each project and constantly upgrade methodological and technological processes. We are proud of our innovative solutions, such as special boilers and hot water storage tanks, façade heating system, exquisite solar collectors, etc. More on our innovations.

Our innovations are among the most technologically advanced solutions. Without a doubt, your money will be well spent on our:

  • solar collectors,
  • combination boilers,
  • pellet burners,
  • pellet dispensers,
  • hot water storage tanks and heat accumulators,
  • water heaters,
  • indoor fireplaces,
  • heat pumps,
  • façade heating system.

Official data on Stroj - energijska tehnika d.o.o.

Full company name: STROJ - ENERGIJSKA TEHNIKA, raziskovanje, razvoj, proizvodnja, montaža, servis in druge storitve, d.o.o.
Short company name: STROJ - ENERGIJSKA TEHNIKA d.o.o.
Registered office: Dvorska vas 31 C
Registration number: 2092328000
VAT ID: 81977506
Bank account no. (NLB): 02021-0253711560
Bank account no. (Unicredit bank): 2900 0005 0953 763
CEO: Franc Stroj



With our solar collectors and combination boilers, we have equipped thousands of residential and business premises.

  • Dom na Kredarici – PD Ljubljana Matica,
  • Dom pri sedmerih jezerih – PD  Ljubljana Matica,
  • Erjavčeva koča na vršiču – PD Jesenice,
  • Dom Planika – PD Gorje,
  • Planinsko zavetišče na Gozdu – PD Križe-Tržič,
  • Blejska Koča – PD Bled,
  • Kosijev dom na Vogarju, Bohinj- PD Železničar Ljubljana,
  • Dom Starostnikov – Preddvor,
  • Dom Starostnikov Dr. Jožeta Potrča, Poljčane,
  • Hotel Krona – Domžale,
  • Gostilna Repnik – Kamnik,
  • Osnovna šola 16 decembra, Mojstrana,
  • Otroško letovišče Pinesta, Novi grad,
  • Otroško letovišče, Savudrija,
  • Camping Zaka, Bled,
  • Camping Kobarid,
  • Camping Smlednik,
  • Bauimex d.o.o., Kranj,
  • Gostišče Jezero, Zbilje pri Medvodah,
  • Domu Duhovnosti Kančevci, Murska Sobota,
  • Salon pohištva Ark Maja - Ajdovšina,
  • Gostilna in restavracija Avsenik, Tradicija Avsenik, Begunje,
  • Agrarna skupnost Gorjuše, Bohinj,
  • Hotel Krona, Bibič Silvija, Domžale,
  • GT KANU, Valburga 7, Smlednik,
  • SPEED d.o.o, Ob železnici 14, Ljubljana,
  • WILSONIC d.o.o, Verje 28, Medvode,
  • KOMUNALA  Radovljica, Radovljica ...