Why did many satisfied customers entrust us with their important decisions? What did they gain by trusting us?

We have one of the longest traditions in the field of heating and use of alternative energy sources in Slovenia. The acquired knowledge and experience enable us to find a high quality and cost-effective solution for heating your home.

We will give you professional advice on renovation and heating systems.

The combined heating system (central heating and domestic hot water heating) with an integrated combination boiler boasts high quality and technological perfection. Due to its innovative nature, it has been awarded with the 2013 international patent of the European Patent Office, under no. EP1642067 (Central heating system for premises and sanitary water).

STROJ heating system operates on the principle of giving advantage to the natural physical conditions. We follow the rules of simplicity and functionality. The natural law of physics, which states that hot water is lighter than cold, is the cornerstone of STROJ heating system. The electronic control unit that regulates heating is present; however, we avoid using any additional and unnecessary automatic devices. Namely, each additional element means a more expensive investment, and increases the possibility of a breakdown.


We follow the principle: “The best things in life are simple, but not easy.” Thus, we make complex solutions simple.

Our main competitive advantages:

  • The combination boiler provides hot water with the help of solar energy, heat pumps, biomass combustion, and gas or oil combustion. It boasts a high degree of compatibility of energy sources. You can choose which energy source you would like to use, or you can add additional energy sources to the existing heating infrastructure, with minimal costs.
  • There is no need to apply any antifreeze.
  • Water is used as the heat transfer fluid in any season.
  • The system automatically protects its operation against overheating during the hot summer months.
  • In the event of a power failure, the system is protected. You do not have to cover the collectors as with other solar panels.
  • The products are made with high quality stainless materials.
  • We offer turnkey solutions: from planning to execution and activation the heating system.
  • Long service life.
  • High quality solutions, supported with a 5-year warranty on solar panels and combination boilers.
  • Simplicity and functionality of components included in the heating system.
  • Professional repairs, customer service and spare parts.