We also offer turnkey solutions.   


At the company STROJ - energijska tehnika d.o.o. we have our own installation teams with years of practical experience, which perform their work quickly and professionally. Years of experience have shown that the key to a successful project implementation lies with professional installation. We guarantee a reliable and high-quality service, which is always completed on time, confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers.

The installation teams are professionally equipped, while the installation vehicles serve as mobile workshops.

All works are usually completed within one day.

After your confirmation, you can relax – we will handle everything. You come in when all the work is done and it is time to test the installation.                                                                                                          


Works performed by our installation team: 

  • delivery of solar collector;
  • delivery of boilers, hot water storage tanks, dispensers, etc.;
  • delivery of installation material (pipes, pumps, valves, and all the rest of installation material);
  • installation of solar panels, roof works;
  • machine installation works in the boiler or furnace room;
  • electrical works;
  • system boot and testing;
  • measurements and adjustments of the heating system; 
  • measurements and adjustments of combustion efficiency;
  • informing the customer about the heating system use and maintenance.

The professional quality of the installation works is confirmed by:

  • professional personnel;
  • assuming responsibility for professional works;
  • auxiliary material for unforeseen works;
  • quick and professional work performance: all works are usually completed within one day;
  • professional equipment, tools and protective equipment;
  • transport of material to a landfill (in case of disassembly);
  • cleaning after the installation works are completed.