Is your house in a sunny location? Use it to heat your home with the façade heating systems.

What room size is appropriate for such heating or cooling?

20 m2 of façade can prove heat for 50 m2 of indoor space.

Is our façade heating system ideal for you?
Façade heating (Trombe wall) is an excellent solution for everybody with a sunny location, dealing with the planning stage of construction.

The first Trombe wall was built as early as 1956 by the French architect and physicist Felix Trombe.

Nowadays, when planning new construction works, it is reasonable to use a south-facing wall as a solar collector wall for passive use of solar energy.

It works on the principles of the greenhouse effect, where the air is heated behind a closed glass surface, and the effect of heat storage in a dark coloured solid wall, which is heated by the solar energy. The generated heat accumulates in the wall with openings and passes into the inner spaces.

Our company, Stroj - energijska tehnika d.o.o., is always looking for new solutions, improvements, and uses of alternative energy sources. Therefore, in 2010, we have constructed a building with a Trombe wall along the southern side, with additional improvements.

Monitoring of energy consumption in the winter, it turned out that the facility has over 80% self-sufficient heating with solar energy. 

Important details on our construction:

  • the glass façade made of prismatic glass (greater reception of solar power, i.e. heat);
  • space heating is controlled by a differential thermostat, fans on the openings are closed automatically, the system uses the differential law of circulation (not the natural law);
    thermostat seals the openings and stops the fans at set conditions;
  • the wall behind glass is made of concrete, the paint is highly selective, to accumulate maximum solar energy;
  • the inside wall of the room is made of concrete, and additionally isolated.

With proper planning, construction, and the correct position of your house, you, too, can install a façade heating system. You can even upgrade it with solar collectors or a heat pump. This heating method reduces the costs of energy, and contributes to long-term savings.

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