Pellet burning for the best efficiency

Pellet burning for the best efficiency

A hot water storage tank or a heat accumulator is indispensable in heating with wood. 

It is difficult to control the combustion when burning logs. If the boiler burns at full power, the combustion cannot be stopped, as is the case with oil or gas. Therefore, the installation of the hot water storage tank is of utmost importance. Namely, the hot water storage takes excess heat and stores it for later use.

The stored heat enables continuous heating, for several hours. During the transitional period, when the demand for heat is smaller, such heating can last for several days.

The boiler operates at rated power, which allows for good efficiency, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Stroj hot water storage systems are versatile in their use, and they easily adjust to heating system demands.



  • installation and integration of the heating system on the principle of natural law of physics – does not need any pumps and/or automation;
  • water stratification according to temperature layers;
  • possible to install additional heating elements;
  • material: stainless steel;
  • small space occupancy;
  • accumulation of heat for the next day;
  • the boiler operates at full power and at a higher temperature;
  • non-condensing boiler – long service life;
  • maximum combustion;
  • less tar and ash in the boiler;
  • higher combustion efficiency;
  • higher fuel savings.


Vrste zalogovnikov:

  • Samostojen, kot akumulator toplotne energije,
  • z vgrajenim bojlerjem za sanitarno vodo,
  • z izmenjevalcem za priklop sončnih kolektorjev ali toplotne črpalke,
  • prilagoditev potrebam in željam uporabnika.


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