Pellet burning for the best efficiency

STROJ Pellet burners:

  • high security standards;
  • low toxic emissions;
  • automatic operation, comparable to the oil or gas burner;
  • efficiency up to 96%;
  • easy transition from oil, gas and solid fuels;
  • allows cheaper pellets burning;
  • low electricity consumption (40 W);
  • re-ignition from the embers without electricity consumption;
  • if re-ignition from embers is not possible, it ignites with electricity;
  • the boiler has been tested at the German institute TÜV SÜD, Munich.

Slovenian product – our technology.
Tested at the institute TÜV SÜD, Munich.

STROJ pellet burner is the result of our own innovative development. Together with STROJ boiler, the STROJ pellet burner meets the 303-5 standard, and the highest classification (III) standard, according to measurements and CE marking of the German institute TÜV SÜD, Munich. Of an aesthetic round shape and compact size, it consists of high-quality tested components, which are adapted to the burner design. It does not require much space, and consequently, can be installed in a small boiler room.

We can change the existing STROJ furnaces into automated, efficient and environmentally friendly pellet boilers, without any complex procedures.

When installing the burner, the controls of the existing boiler and the heating system remain unchanged. With a simple procedure, the user can reinstall the oil burner.

The combustion chamber of the burner is air and water-cooled, which allows for efficient combustion, and complete combustion of wood gas. It also contains a highly efficient fan, which forms the flame with help of a specially shaped grate. The integrated electric heater automatically ignites pellets with the use of regulation. The photocell functions as a flame detector.

High quality digital control regulates the burner, ensuring effective functioning in accordance with heating needs. It is fully automatic, reliable and quiet. LCD controller (display) is made in accordance with the relevant standards and good engineering practice to ensure safe and stable operation. The control unit adjusts the power according to current needs or scheduling (several times a day, every day of a week).


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