Free standing SEC with integrated buffer tank – buffer tank (water heater) volume: 140 l


  • heating domestic hot water up to 90 °C (194 F);
  • direct usage of domestic hot water (no heat exchanger);
  • recommended for use in transient and summer months;
  • independent operation (no electricity);
  • dimensions (H x L x D; mm): 2,150 x 670 x 380;
  • no maintenance;
  • highly selective coating on the buffer tank surface;
  • double tempered prismatic glass;
  • insulating layer: 40 mm;
  • suitable for domestic hot water heating in summer houses, mountain huts, camps, etc.

Free standing SEC with an integrated buffer tank (BT) directs the incoming solar radiation to the surface of the cylindrical absorber BT (boiler). The domestic hot water flows directly into the buffer tank, where it is heated for later (direct) use. SEC does not create any additional loss since the heat transfers directly to the heat transfer fluid (domestic hot water). The advantage of SEC is also in the fact that it is not sensitive to the variable angle of incident solar radiation. Ideal usage: in summer and transitional periods (spring, autumn). The absorber with selective coating, two-layer glazing, and insulated housing are an effective formula to reduce heat loss, and provide maximum thermal efficiency in operating conditions of micro and macro environment.