Ensure an uninterrupted supply hot water

Buffer tank or water heater is designed for domestic hot water heating and storing hot water.  

Integration of solar energy is among the most frequent and economical means of heating water. Therefore, the correct choice of the buffer tank, which is relative to the surface of the solar collectors, is very important.

From the boiler, the hot water (75 °C) flows through the helical shape prenosnika toplote, which is designed in such a way as to warm the entire amount of the water in the buffer tank from 8 °C to 40+ °C within 20 minutes. Installing a larger heat exchanger reduces warm-up time.

You can select among different types of water heaters depending on the need, or the type of application. We offer water heaters with capacities from 5 to 500 litres, or more. We can also adapt to your needs and produce a custom water heater, adapted to the dimensions of your designated room.

Allocation of heat exchangers:

  • solar energy heats the biggest quantity of water;
  • heat pump energy;
  • boiler energy (central heating);
  • electricity: 1/3 of the boiler volume, more if needed.




  • material: stainless steel (LC 316);
  • simultaneous connection of solar collectors, heat pump, and central heating boiler;
  • integrated electric heater;
  • electric heater can be installed later;
  • magnesium anode for protection;
  • security and working thermostat, thermometer;
  • circulation connector;
  • high quality heat insulation.


 Water heater types:

  • vertical:
    • free standing,
    • wall mounted.
  • horizontal:
    • free standing,
    • wall mounted.


  • heating with electricity alone;
  • heating with electricity and central heating boiler:
    • one heat exchanger;
  • heating with electricity, central heating boiler and solar collectors or heat pump:
    • two or three heat exchangers.

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